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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

பேக்கரி - போக்கிரி by ஜீவா, சுவாமிநாதன், மனோகர்
மிகச்சிறந்த லொல்லுசபா நகைச்சுவை தொகுப்பு
Bekkari [ Pokkiri ] Starring Manohar, Swaminathan and Jeeva
One of the Best Episode of Lollu sabha Comedy shows

High Quality - GoogleVideo - Part 1

High Quality - GoogleVideo - Part 2

High Quality - GoogleVideo - Part 3

High Quality - GoogleVideo - Part 4

High Quality - GoogleVideo - Part 5


Less Quality - YouTube - Part 1

Less Quality - YouTube - Part 2

Less Quality - YouTube - Part 3

Less Quality - YouTube - Part 4

Less Quality - YouTube - Part 5


Apologize - வருந்துகிறோம்

Apologize - வருந்துகிறோம்

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Bekkari [ Pokkiri ] Starring Manohar, Swaminathan and Jeeva
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bala said...

Good job.
Could you please send me download able version of this episode?

Ganesh said...

this one is the best of all lollu sabha episodes!! Hilarious perfomance by Jeeva and others. My stomach still aches due to laughter. Thanks for posting this episode.

Anonymous said...

பேக்கரி தூள் கிளப்பிருச்சு. நல்லாச் சிரிச்சேன்.

ஆமா... உங்க 'லொள்ளூ சபா' வையெல்லாம் விசிடி/டிவிடி பண்ணி விக்கலாமே.

என்னைப்போல டிவி பார்க்காதவங்களுக்கு வசதியா இருக்குமுன்னுதானுங்கண்ணா

lollu-sabha said...

Yes. I have all lollu sabha videos in DVD which I recorded in my DVD recorded. I have a plan to sell those DVDs. Soon.

sureshbabu said...

Hai my dear lollu sabha team,

I am really appreciate your team i am very happy to see this, i want to download this Bakery episode will please send a download link to this is mail id

sureshbabu said...

it it very nice, but i want download link will you please send that

evo21 said...

Very nice lollu..!! please send me the download link to you.

seule_o_monde said...

excellent travail

abdul said...

very good work

Raghu said...

One of the best comedies in Lollu Sabha...Jeeva has done an extremely great job...I would suggest you guys to record these movies in CD/DVD and sell..

Anonymous said...

Very excellent comedy. congrats to lollushaba team.

nickraman said...

Spoofing one of the most overrated movies which butchered the awesome telugu version is genius! Bravo to Jeeva and Lollu Sabha team! Best skit ever! Take that Vijay fans!

Tenny said...

Real good, can u send or post a downloadable link.

Tenny said...

Good job!! post a downloadable link

Anonymous said...

Really good work!

Anonymous said...

semma kalaai..